John Hill leads the first two Traditional messages today, the 11am service was a special message by guest speaker, Dr. Steve Harper.  

His Traditional service message is currently available on this channel.  His Sunday evening message will be made available on the 1045 channel and his Monday night message will be on the Gathering channel.  

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Dr. Steve Harper presents a special message to the 11:00am Traditional Service.  This is in additional to Pastor John Hill's message that was recorded at 9:00am so we get a bonus episode this week on the Traditional channel.

Check the 1045 and Gathering Channels for Dr. Harper's other messages presented Sunday and Monday nights!

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Pastor John Hill leads the Traditional service at Suntree today with a message on Matthew 6:25-34.

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Pastor Rick Jones leads the Traditional service today at SUMC in a message about Matthew 6:19-21.

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Pastor John Hill leads the Traditional service today on a message about Matthew 6:1-8, 16-18.

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